Sales process

These steps describe the typical sales process:
Steps Description

Identification and monitoring

You identify or search for leads through traditional and non-traditional means. Leads can come from several sources including social media, business cards from an expo, referrals, and others.

Use M3 CLM to perform these tasks:

  • Add information about the leads through the mobile app, or Web UI.
  • Use the Account Notebook to record notes about the lead.
  • Create activities to start the process.
  • Create an opportunity if you have enough information about the lead.


At this point, you have enough information to initiate a contact with the lead. Introduce yourself, your company, and your products to this lead. Information is immediately accessible through M3 CLM.

You can check whether an introductory activity is set in case this lead was transferred to you. If not, you can create a new activity for introduction. If information is available, you can create an opportunity for this lead.

When the lead replies, you can attach the communication to the account using Infor Document Management, so that this information is available to you.


In this step, you begin to find out the requirements of the lead. You can set several activities for follow-ups, product presentations and demonstrations, and site visits. Find more information to add to the account notebook, or you can spot some opportunities from these activities. You can use M3 CLM to immediately capture this information.

After you have gathered enough information, you can prepare an offer.


Negotiation involves presenting an offer, discussing details and pricing, and making adjustments after getting feedback from the customer. Negotiation can involve a series of emails, phone calls, client visits. With this complex back-and-forth, You can see you what activities must be done and what opportunities to close.

You can use the various notebooks to list details of each communication, or use IDM to store documents.


When the customer accepts your offer, you finalize the deal. You can mark several activities in M3 CLM as completed, and finalize opportunities. Sales process does not end here. You might find some other opportunities aside from the closed deal, and you can record this using M3 CLM.