Sales manager dashboard

A sales manager can be responsible for one or more Sales Team. Sales team members are maintained in the M3 Mobility Core Toolbox. Contact your system administrator for more information.

This dashboard contains all information related to the sales team and its individual members. The Sales Manager dashboard includes these tabs:
  • Team Activities: Contains details on the activities created by the sales team.
  • Team Opportunities: Contains details on the opportunities created by the sales team.
  • Team Quotes: Displays the quotations created by the Sales Team. This tab requires integration with M3.
  • Team Customers: Provides information on accounts owned by the Sales Team.
  • Pipeline Forecast: Presents data about prospects that will produce increase in sales and illustrates them in charts and tables.
  • Budget and Sales: Shows the performance and contribution of members to sales for a certain product group against the allotted budget. The differences can be compared in amount, quantity, and activity. Data for comparison can be viewed per month or per quarter. Sales statistics provide illustrations on current sales and top ten products as default while transactions are visible on the lower section. All data in this tab are presented in chart or tables.