Support for importing account and contact entities from external data to M3 CLM


M3 CLM now has Data Import Tool that imports accounts and contacts from external data.

To process entities using the Data Import Tool:

1. Define target entity

Select between account or contacts. Define the Excel file for import. A template file is available for both accounts and contacts.

2. Map columns between the target file and M3 CLM database

Map columns between the target file and M3 CLM. All mandatory fields should be mapped accordingly.

These are the mandatory M3 CLM database fields:
  • Account entity: account name
  • Contact entity: account name, contact name, contact-email address

3. Process data and view results of import

The view results of data import must show these results:
  • Number of approved records that are imported to M3 CLM
  • Number of rejected records which include details of each rejected record and the rejection reason
Limitation The Data Import Tool supports loading of data from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets (.xls and .xlsx). However, M3 CLM only supports up to 250 KB of the Excel spreadsheet.
KB article 2129769