M3 CLM now supports transfer of account and related data


Transfer Account and Related data menu function is applicable when a salesperson changes or leaves the current organization unit.

With this functionality, the user can now update the ownership of the open child entities for accounts such as activities, opportunities, projects, issues, and general objects to another user. Also, the user can update the owner of the M3 record, such as the Salesperson or Responsible value.

To transfer account and related data, you need to perform these steps:

1. Using M3 Mobility Core Toolbox, select User Maintenance > Ownership Maintenance > Transfer Account and Related Data.

2. Select the account owner. The list of accounts currently owned by the selected user is shown.

3. Select one or multiple accounts from the account list to be transferred. You can sort and search the records according to the account number, account name, organization unit, city, state, and zip code.

4. Set the new owner for the selected account records. Before changing the account owner, the user has an option to include related child entities in the transfer, such as All Open Activities, All Open Opportunities, All Open Projects, All Open Issues, or All Open General Objects.

The user also has the option to update the Customer record (CRS610) owner in M3, Salesperson (OKSMCD) or Responsible (OKRESP) before the transfer.

When all these selections are applied and the transfer is done, a message dialog is displayed. The message contains the summary for the transferred accounts, child entities and M3 customer update, if any.

For more information, see Infor M3 Customer LifecCycle Management Administration Guide.

KB article 2091136