Automated generation of opportunity numbers in M3 CLM


M3 CLM now generates opportunity number automatically.

To define the opportunity number settings and new opportunity number series using M3 Mobility Core Toolbox, select System Configuration > Opportunity Maintenance.

When defining the opportunity number settings, the user has the option to enable or disable the automated generation of opportunity numbers. When this setting is enabled, the user can specify this information:
  • From date
  • Start number
  • Final number
  • Concatenation Format (Prefix or Suffix)
  • Concatenation Source
The concatenation source can use this information:
  • By Account (Account's AccountNumber)
  • By Country (Account's CountryCODE GlobalCodeId)
  • By Org unit (CRMUser's Org unit)
  • By District (Account's DistrictCODE GlobalCodeId)
  • User Defined
  • Description
When saving a new number series, it is also possible to view this information:
  • Last Number Used
  • Update Date

This new feature has these limitations: No opportunity number is created when opportunities are created offline. However, the opportunity number is generated once the user goes online.

And the opportunity number series resets once the last number is used.

KB article 2119492