Equipment list

The Equipment List displays equipment information owned and shared to the account owner in read-only mode. The information differs depending on the selected tab.

This table shows the different tabs and the corresponding details displayed in the Equipment List.
Tab name Description
Details The Details tab displays additional information about the equipment such as the brand, installation, supplier, and sales information.
Warranties The Warranties tab displays the list of warranties for the serialized item or service. This tab also provides the information on the validity of the warranty. The warranty information is retrieved through the Service Warranty base data loaded in the local database.
Meters The Meters tab displays the list of operational meters of the serialized item that the user can update. This tab also shows the last meter reading that serves as a reference for future meter readings.
Attributes The Attributes tab displays the list of attributes associated with the equipment.
Pending Service Assignments The Pending Service Assignments tab displays the list of open assignments of a particular equipment assigned to a Field Service Technician.

When you tap the assignment card, you can view the assignment details if you are allocated to the assignment.

Service History The Service History tab displays the most recent completed assignments for an equipment.

When you tap the assignment card, you can view the Assignment details with tabs set in read-only mode.

Notes The Notes tab displays additional information retrieved for the equipment record from M3.