Start menu

Use the Navigation Menu drawer (three horizontal lines) to display the menu.

This table shows the menu items in the Navigation Menu. The Start menu can differ from what you can see on your device. Contact your system administrator if you need to configure your start menu.

Menu/Item Description
User Profile Additional information that is linked to your account (like email address) is displayed.
Settings (Gear button) Menu for offline settings.
Calendar Displays the calendar.
My Accounts Opens the Accounts filter list.
My Activities Opens the Activities filter list.
My Opportunities Opens the Opportunities filter list.
My Contacts Opens the Contacts filter list.
My Projects * Opens the Projects filter list.
My Issues * Opens the Light issue management filter list.
My Quotes and Orders * Opens the Quotes and Orders filter list.
My Invoices * Opens the Invoices filter list.
Note: Items with asterisk are not part of the default menu items but they are configured. Contact your system administrator.