Creating an issue type definition

  1. Select System configuration > Issue type definition.
  2. Click New.
  3. Specify this information:
    Issue type
    Select the type of issue from the list. The issue type values are defined in Code.
    Valid from date
    Set the effectivity date of this issue type.
    Provide the description for the issue type.
    When Search account button is clicked, specify the account number or account name, click Search and select account. Click Ok.
    Account group
    Select the account group type from the list.
    Item number
    When Seach item number button is clicked, specify the item number or item name, select the type of item. Click Search and select the item. Click Ok.
    Product group
    Select the product group type from the list.
    Start step in background
    Select this option to create steps and to start the first step automatically.
  4. Click Save.