Sharing an entity

  1. Select any of these entities to be shared and build a search criteria:
    • Account
    • Activity
    • Opportunity
    • Issue
    • Project
    • General Object
  2. In the Entity Column section, select a field to be searched on.
  3. Specify a value, select from a list, or set a date depending on the selected field. You must set the search criteria by selecting an operator. You can also use several search conditions and connect them using AND or OR operators.
  4. Click Get result.
    The corresponding entities that match your search criteria is displayed at the Selection result table.
  5. Select a record.
    To select multiple entities, press Ctrl + a or Shift then click the accounts to be shared.
  6. Select whether to share an entity to users or to sales teams.
    The list of users or sales teams is displayed depending on the selection.
  7. Select a user or sales team to share the entity with.
    To select multiple users, press Ctrl + a or Shift then click the users. You cannot share entities to multiple sales teams.
  8. Click Set share.
    The Sharing properties dialog is displayed.
  9. Select Set sharing permissions on the selected accounts for the user / sales team.
  10. Set the permissions.
  11. Click OK.
  12. Click Yes to confirm sharing.