Sending updated M3 data from M3 CLM

You can send updated data to M3 BE from M3 CLM. For example, when the Accounts table is updated, this update is sent to OCUSMA in M3.

For this to work, you need to set up these settings:

  • In M3, the Export Accounts to M3 field must be set to 1 (Export new accounts and updates) or 2 (Export only updates). The account to be updated must not have a blank account number. The account number is used as the value for CUNO, which is used to locate the account in OCUSMA.
  • Define a mapping that triggers update to M3.

    See Setting up integration metadata and specify this information:



    Database table

    The Mobility Core table where update data to be sent to M3 will come from.

    Database column

    The field in the Mobility Core table where the update data will come from.

    Is person

    Select this option if YREF (Your reference) or YRE2 (Your reference2) fields in OCUSMA should be updated with information from Contact.

    Is address

    Select this option if the field is part of the Address field in Account.

    ForeignKey data

    Select if the field references a key value in another table, such as Code.