Setting the application type

Ensure that you select M3 CLM as the application type. You can select a combination of applications if you have both M3 CLM and another application installed.

  1. On M3 Mobility Core Toolbox, select System configuration > System settings > Additional Settings.
  2. Specify this information:
    Application type
    Select from the list of application types. The application type setting defines what kind of data are imported and what features are enabled.
    • CLM: Only basic data are imported and basic if Field Service has been previously configured.M3 CLM features are enabled.
    • CLM + EQM: Basic and equipment data are imported; equipment quotations and equipment-related budget data are enabled.
    • CLM + EQM + Field Service: Basic, equipment, and maintenance-related data are imported.

      Select CLM + EQM + Field Service if Field Service has been previously configured.

  3. Click Save.