Importing users from M3 company

  1. On M3 Mobility Core Toolbox, select User maintenance > Import users from M3 company.
  2. Click Get company users.
    • To Search: Specify the search criteria by column and press Enter.
    • To Sort: Click the specific column to sort the users in ascending or descending order.
    • To Reset: Click Clear.
  3. Select the users to add.
  4. Move the selected users using the down arrow button.
  5. In the Company Users dialog, specify this information:
    Org. Unit
    Select an organisation unit where the selected users are assigned.
    Select the default language of the selected users.

    To add a language, see Adding a language.

    Select the role for the selected users.
  6. Click Ok.
  7. From the Users to be added section, select the users to add in the M3 Mobility Core user table.
    Note: Use CTRL + A to select all records.
  8. To retrieve a specific M3 attribute, click any of these buttons:
    • Get M3 user: Retrieves the M3 user information from M3 BE.
    • Get M3 employee: Retrieves employee information from M3 BE.
    • Get M3 address: Retrieves the address information from M3 BE.
    • Get M3 salesperson: Retrieves the sales person information from M3 BE.
  9. Select all or filter the users to add from the Users to be added table.
  10. Click Save user(s).