Setting default fields for AccountAddress

Use this procedure to enable the mapping of account fields to AccountAddress fields.

  1. Select System Configuration > Dialog design.
  2. Open the AccountAddress dialog to enable the feature in either desktop or mobile phone by selecting the corresponding dialog and then click the Dialog Layout tab.
  3. Click Control properties on AccountAddress.AddressTypeCODE in the Dialog layout tab and set the user defined data.
  4. Specify this user defined data:
    Note: The user defined data is a JSON object. For the functionality to work, the user defined data must follow the specified format expected by the application.
        "Main": "Account",
        "Child": "AccountAddress",
        "SupportedTypes": [{
                "ChildGUID": "7BF7F49F-E2AC-46BB-9656-33B5CA31C27F",
                "Fields": {


    • Main: Main is the table name where the child table will get the values.
    • Child: Child is the table name where the values from the parent is mapped.
    • SupportedTypes: SupportedTypes is a collection of AddressTypes codes that are mapped if the selected value of the AddressType field matches the ChildGUID indicated. You can specify multiple supported types for this data.
    • ChildGUID: ChildGUID is the GUID of the AddressType that is mapped if selected.
    • Fields: Fields are fields in the Child table that is mapped. These field names are available inM3 Mobility Core Toolbox through Translation > Table and column descriptions > AccountAddress.
    Note: The Key in the fields object corresponds to the field name of the child table where the values from the parent is to be mapped. The Value corresponds to where the data are taken from the parent field name supplied.
  5. Click Close.