Selecting templates

  1. Select Data Import > Template Customers.
  2. Specify the M3 bookmark - H5 bookmark.

    <M3 H5 client URL>/?TASK=mforms%3a%2f%2fbookmark%2f%3fprogram%3dCRS610 %26tablename%3dOCUSMA%26keys%3dOKCONO%252c{0}%252cOKCUNO%252c{1}%252b %252b%26option%3d5%26panel%3dE%26name%3dCustomer.%2bOpen%2b-%2bCRS610 %252fE%26source%3dMForms

    The URL should be single line only. The URLs are printed in multiple lines to fit the page width.

  3. Select a template from the Available templates column and click the right arrow.
  4. Specify this information:
    Provide a short description about the template.
    Number mask
    If this option is set, M3 BE will not use the default number series set on the selected template. The value is a combination of letters and symbols with a maximum of 10 characters. Question mark (?) is used for the number series.

    For example, CLM-????, the generated account number has a value of CLM-0000.

  5. Click Save.