Starting the import of data from M3

When you modify a configuration (including tables that you select), you can save it by clicking Save.

You can save these configurations:

  • CRMUser with BE-Access
  • Waiting Time (if you make any changes)
  • Records from M3 (if you make any changes)
  • Selected tables
Note: Starting the import saves the settings/configuration as well.
  1. Select Data Import > Initial Load.
  2. Specify this information:
    Waiting Time
    Specify the waiting time in seconds between each checking, starting from the last processed document to verify if there are any unprocessed records in the Hub Event table. (Default values are given, but you can configure it depending on your usual number of records)
    Records from M3
    Specify the number of records retrieved from M3. This is mostly used in development mode, but is used if there are problems with the import. To get all records, do not change the default value (which is -1).
  3. Click Start . The tables that are needed for the selected application type are automatically selected.

    For the list of tables for each application type, see List of tables for import of M3 data.

    The Status column shows the current status for each table. These are the possible status:

    1. Running

      The table is currently importing data.

    2. Queued

      The table is on queue or included in the import, but is not currently running.

    3. Not included

      The table is not included in the initial import.

    4. Stopped

      The import for this table has been stopped.

    5. Error importing

      An error is encountered during import. The initial load stops when an error occurs.