Mapping M3 BE fields to Mobility Core columns

Note: The default values are pre-configured.
  1. Select Data import > Integration MetaData.
  2. Go to Output Parameters.
  3. Click Get API info to retrieve M3 BE fields.
  4. In the MI fields section, select the M3 BE field.
  5. Specify this information:
    Database table
    Select the M3 Mobility Core table where the M3 Mobility Core column is found. The M3 Mobility Core tables relevant to the M3 BE table that you have selected earlier are listed. Most of the time, only one M3 Mobility Core table is listed.
    Database column
    Select the M3 Mobility Core column that is paired with M3 BE field.
    Default value
    Specify a value if this column should be filled with a default value instead of the value from M3.
    If new record (use today or default value)
    Select this option if the default field value set is used. If the date field value is used, the current date is the value for the new record.
    Use today or default value
    Select if the default field value set is used. If the date field is used, the current date is the value for the changes made on the record.
    Is person
    This field should be specified into the Contact table. It only applies to the import and update of Account records (OCUSMA in M3).
    Is address
    The M3 address has four fields. These fields should be added to one field where each line is separated by a carriage return and line feed unicode characters.
    Is account type selection
    Select this option if the placeholder for the field is compared to the selected Account Types in Specifying selection settings.
    Create for all languages
    Select this option to create a record for each language that exists in the Language table. This field applies to the Description tables, such as CodeDescription, ProductDescription and so on.
    Skip for update
    The field marked with this property is not updated if the record already exists. The field value is only specified if it is a Create or Insert operation.
    Must exist
    The value, usually a foreign key, must exist. The foreign key is not part of the key values from M3, but it must exist in a table or the record to be imported cannot be imported to M3 Mobility Core.
    Combine date+time
    Select this option when you have a date field that also contains the time portion. For example, the field Activity.StartDate should contain both date and time because you can plan the activity to be performed today at three in the afternoon. Usually, the dates display the time in the database, but it is only the date part that is used. When you look at the database, keep in mind that it is in UTC.
    Is unique
    The value of the field with this property can only exist once. This is usually a key-field in M3.
    Is combined unique
    The values of the fields marked with this property can exist together only once. Together, they are the unique key in M3.
    Is self referring
    The field marked with this property contains a value from the same table, such as the Payer field in Account. That field could contain another AccountID.
    Get owner/org unit from start page
    The field marked with this property should contain the CRMUserID for the User set as Owner on this transaction. If you need to specify the Organisation unit, it should be retrieved from this user.
    Is account status selection
    Placeholder for the field that should be compared to the selected Account status from- and to- values in Specifying selection settings.
    Match code group selection
    This field (CTSTCO) from the Event from CSYTAB (this only applies to Codes), should only be entered in CLM if it matches the CodeGroups entered in Specifying code group settings.
    Match with default value
    If the field value is the same value with the Default value, then this record is added to the M3 Mobility Core database.
    Combine to parent PK
    Select this when mapping Header and Lines. You need to know which fields that are unique keys in M3 for the header record so that you can use these to check in the header table for that record. For Sales quotes that are the QuoteNumber in the Header record, and the QuoteNumber, Line number and Line suffix for the Line record.
    Is foreign key
    The value of this field must exist in another table. The table and the field to search in is specified in the drop-down boxes that are displayed when the check box is selected.
  6. Click Save.