Translating filter groups and filters

The filter group names have to be translated into every language in the system. Each filter group name is displayed in the application in the language that the logged on user has as his preferred language.

The filters that exist for each filter group have to be translated into each language. Filters that have been created by a user (personal filters) do not need to be translated into every language.

  1. Select Translation > Filter groups and filters.
  2. Select a filter type, the form factor where the filter applies, and a filter group.
  3. Select whether to display filter or filter group heading.
    If you select Filter, the filter name is displayed. If you select Filter group heading, the filter group headings are displayed. The name of the selected filter is always shown.
  4. In the Language section, select the languages to be updated.
  5. Click Load data.
  6. Change the text value for the filter group, filter, or filter group headings to be translated.
  7. Click Save.