Overall Equipment Effectiveness - Quality dashboard

The Overall Equipment Effectiveness - Quality dashboard provides you with more in-depth analysis of Quality, which is a specific OEE component. The dashboard can help you understand where and why the bad quality products are produced. It can give you an insight on how effective the machine performs by looking at the reported bad quantity percent. A high bad-quality percent indicates how ineffective the machines are. Other factors such as disturbances and rejection reason should be considered.

This dashboard can answer these business questions:
  • Why is the quality below 100%?
  • Which work centers are producing bad quality and what products are these?
  • What are the reasons why a product is rejected and considered bad quality?
  • When are bad quality products produced?
  • How does machine run disturb hours affect bad quality products?

Reports and KPIs

The dashboard contains these reports:
  • Top Rptd Bad Qty by Work Center
  • Bottom Rptd Bad Qty by Work Center
  • Top Rptd Bad Qty by Product
  • Bottom Rptd Bad Qty by Product
  • Bottom Rejection Reason
  • Top Rejection Reason
  • Rptd Bad Qty by Shift and Period
  • Total Rptd Qty Breakdown by Period
  • Rptd Bad Qty vs Mach Run Disturb Hrs
The dashboard also contains these KPIs:
  • Rptd Bad Qty Pct
  • Rptd Bad Qty
  • Total Rptd Qty

These KPIs use the Op Actual Planning Date as the basis for analysis and the Sum aggregation.

This dashboard only considers records where MO Operation.Fixed Time = No, and is best analyzed when the Operation Status is closed (Operation Status - MO.Operation Status ID - MO = 90).


These standard filters are available:
  • Facility
  • Warehouse (Config. 1)
  • Work Center
  • Capacity Type (Config. 1)
  • Time (Config. 2)
  • Ranking (Config. 2)
  • Show N Records

Ranking, Time, and Capacity Type are required filters.

The Ranking filter enables Top/Bottom analysis of the non-period reports together with Show N Records to control the number of elements shown in the report.

Drill across

From the Quality by Period report in the Overall Equipment Performance dashboard, you can drill across to this dashboard. Click Back to return to the previous dashboard.