Configuring the M3 Analytics report widget

Perform these steps to add and configure an instance of M3 Analytics report widget in your Infor OS Portal Workspace or Infor Ming.le Homepage.

  1. In your Infor OS Portal Workspace or Infor Ming.le Homepage, click Add Widget or Add Banner widget.
  2. In the Widget Catalog window, click Categories > Business Intelligence.
  3. Click Add Widget to add the report to your home page.

    You can have several widgets, one or more Birst report widgets and the M3 Analytics report widget. The Birst report widgets require you to configure an application whereas the M3 Analytics report widget is bound to the M3 Analytics Consumer Space provisioned in your M3 CloudSuite tenant.

  4. Click Close.
  5. On your Homepage, select Configure Widget or click the ellipsis and select Configure...
  6. In the Configure Widget menu, specify this information:
    Specify the name of the report.
    To change the title of the report, click the lock icon at the end of the field and specify the title you prefer.
    To select a report from M3 Analytics, browse the report catalog in the consumer space. For example, browse to the report located in shared/Infor/Sales/Homepages/Top 10 Non-Del Qty by Customer YTD. You can also specify the file path directly.
    Optionally, you can specify an attribute to filter. This requires knowledge of syntax, and is considered an administrator task.
    Note: You can only set up filters for attributes that are in the report.
  7. Click Save.