White Space dashboard

You can use the White Space dashboard to view a specific customer's purchase history including products purchased, quantity, and amount for a set period. This dashboard also displays suggested product groups to give insight on what product group and possible product promotions to offer a specific customer. Suggested product groups are displayed in the report by likelihood that customers will buy them.

This dashboard can answer these business questions:
  • What types of product does a customer purchase?
  • How much does a customer purchase for each product type?
  • What are the alternative product groups for each product type purchased by a customer?

Report and KPIs

This dashboard contains the White Space report and these KPIs:
  • Observation Period
  • Customer Group
  • Customer Classification

The period displayed in the Observation Period KPI is based on the M3A_WhiteSpace_StartDate variable defined in the White Space workflow and the time the Sales Orders model is last published. Customer Group and Customer Classification KPIs display the corresponding metrics for the selected customer in the Customer filter.

Currency information is also displayed on the dashboard.


These required filters are available:
  • Division (Config. 5)
  • Customer (Config. 2)

Drill across

By selecting an item from the Product Group column of the White Space report, you can drill across to the White Space - Details dashboard.

The selected record in the Product Group column and the suggested white space product group in the Suggested Product Group 1, 2, and 3 columns are displayed as KPIs on the White Space - Details dashboard.