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This drill back to M3 report is available for the Production domain:

Overall Equipment Effectiveness Details

Description: This report shows a detailed analysis of a work center's overall equipment effectiveness together with its different components: availability, performance, and quality. Other measures are also made available to support analysis of work center's OEE. The report is sorted ascendingly to highlight work center with low overall equipment effectiveness ratio. The measures used in this report are sourced from MO Operation Transactions and Overall Equipment Effectiveness facts.

Measure: Overall Equipment Effectiveness Ratio, Availability Ratio, Performance Ratio, Quality Ratio, Mach Run Non-Disturb Hrs, Mach Run Disturb Hrs, Plnd Production Hrs, Rptd Good Qty, Rptd Bad Qty, Potential Qty

Aggregation: Sum

Analyze by: Actual Finish Date, Op Actual Finish Date

Chart type: Table

Column selector: Work Center, Department, Planning Area

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