Procurement Analysis Ad Hoc reports

You must select a value in the currency filter to avoid adding up amounts in different currencies when using measures in transaction and division currency.

The measures used in Procurement Analysis Ad Hoc reports are sourced from the Procurement Analysis fact. These measures are analyzed by different dates using the Date parameter.

Delivery Accuracy

Description: This chart shows the composition of the category Delivery Accuracy for a selected metric.

Measure: Dynamic selection of measures with Metric Ad Hoc - PA filter

Chart type: 1 data series donut chart

Procurement Analysis Table

Description: This report shows the rows (based on the element selected Row Ad Hoc - PA filter) and supplier performance metrics. You can use the Currency type filter to switch between company, division, and transaction currency. Any amount in transaction currency requires the preferred currency to be selected in the Currency filter. Report is sorted by Net Invcd Value in descending order.

Measure: No. of Lines, Lines Qty as Conf Pct, Lines Qty Rcvd More than Conf Pct, Lines Qty Rcvd Less than Conf Pct, and Net Invoiced Value (Transaction, Division, Company) depending on the selected measure type in the filter

Chart type: Table