Purchase Orders

The Purchase Order model analyzes the purchase order process from planning to fulfillment. The model provides the users the ability to analyze planned purchase orders and purchase orders by status, supplier, and purchase agreements. It also provides analysis on the variances between the requested and confirmed delivery date, purchase price, and quantity, the accuracy of which depends on whether the confirmation process of a purchase order is performed or not.

Planning Date and Order Date are used to analyze the facts in this model. See Infor M3 Analytics for M3 CloudSuites Administration Guide for a list of available dates for this model.

Source information

The Purchase Order model is based on the Procurement module in M3 BE. The model contains information from MPOPLP (Planned Purchase Orders), and MPLINE (Purchase Order Line) including the respective header information (MPHEAD). The model is made up of several scripted sources that combine header and line information into one view. You can translate this view into one or more physical fact tables within Birst depending on the grain.