Delivery Performance dashboard

Delivery performance is a key driver of customer satisfaction. Being a dependable supplier that delivers the correct item within the time frame requested by your customers can set you apart from the competition. The Delivery Performance dashboard is designed to provide you with actionable insights to improve the efficiency of your customer order process. You can use this dashboard to track lines on time in full (OTIF) over time and for specific customer groups.

This dashboard can answer these business questions:
  • What is the overall OTIF % and how is it trending?
  • Are there months where we are underperforming?
  • Which customers are having the highest/lowest percentage of late deliveries?

In this dashboard, you can display the original confirmed delivery date instead of the confirmed delivery date. This applies to reports which involved date accuracy.

Reports and KPIs

The dashboard contains these reports:
  • Top Non-Del Qty Pct by Category
  • Bottom Non-Del Qty Pct by Category
  • Delivery Performance by Period
  • Order Qty Breakdown by Period
  • Avg Order Cycle Time vs Order Qty
  • Top Late Lines Pct by Category
  • Bottom Late Lines Pct by Category
  • Lines In Full by Delivery Accuracy and Period
The dashboard also contains these KPIs:
  • Lines On Time In Full Pct
  • Late Lines Pct
  • Non-Del Qty Pct
  • Avg Order Cycle Time

These KPIs use the Order Date as the date basis for analysis and use the Sum aggregation.

Currency information is also displayed on the dashboard.


These standard filters are available:
  • Facility
  • Warehouse (Config. 1)
  • Time (Config. 2)
  • Sales Organization
  • Customer (Config. 1)
  • Customer Geography
  • Payer
  • Customer Order Type
  • Promotion
  • Item (Config. 1)
  • Confirmed Delivery Date
  • Ranking (Config. 2)
  • Show N Records

Ranking and Time are required filters.