Work Center Utilization

The purpose of this model is to measure the overall performance of the company's work centers. This includes comparisons between capacity and actual hours depending on the capacity type, the efficiency, output, and utilization.

This model provides insight into these topics:

  • A work center's utilization compared to its total capacity
  • Highest or lowest performing work centers by capacity type

Transaction Date is used to analyze the facts in this model.

Source information

The Work Center Utilization model needs measures coming from two M3 BE tables, MPDCAD and MWOPTR. The daily capacity of each work center is retrieved from MPDCAD and stored in the Work Center Capacity grain. Labor and machine time capacity is determined by the work center's capacity type that is defined in Work Center.Open (PDS010). Actual used time is retrieved from MWOPTR and stored in the MO Operation Transactions grain.