Project is an endeavor with a specific objective to be met within predetermined time and cost limitations and that has been assigned for definition or execution.

The Project dimension is sourced from BPROJS. This dimension contains all projects (POTK = 1 and VERS = 0) and its corresponding elements entered in Project.Open (POS100). Project type names and categories are retrieved from the M3 table BPOTY. Project element type names and descriptions are retrieved from CSYTAB.

This dimension supports the use of Extensibility Dimension in the M3 Analytics model extension space. See the information about model extension in Infor M3 Analytics for M3 CloudSuites Administration Guide.

The attributes listed in the table are part of the custom subject area. M3 Analytics contains more attributes in the default subject area. For a complete list, see the mapping document in KB 2015457.

Hierarchy Custom subject area Attributes

M3A Equipment

M3A Procurement

M3A Production

M3A Sales

M3A Warehouse

Budget Template


Calcd Efficiency Factor

Ceiling, Ceiling Pct

Change Date

Efficiency Factor

Fixed Date

Fixed Price

Lowest Level

Material Profit Factor

Maximum Price

Milestone ID

Minimum Price

Planned Days, Planned Hours, Planned Quantity

Position Number


Project, Project Number, Project Name, Project Description

Project Element, Project Element Number, Project Element Name, Project Element Description

Project Element Type, Project Element Type ID, Project Element Type Name, Project Element Type Description

Project Info

Project Template

Project Type, Project Type ID, Project Type Name, Project Type Description

Relative Days Start, Relative Days Finish

Reported Hours, Reported Quantity

Reporting Level

Run Time


Send Appl Msg ID

Suffix Lines on Final Invc

Time Rate

Total Hours Per Mtrl Line


Drill map

This table shows the drill map for Project:

Name Drill From Column Drill To Column
M3A Project Project Type Project
Project Project Element