A material is a substance or a mixture of substances that constitutes an object. In M3, material is the term used for items included in a product structure.

The Material dimension is a role-playing dimension of Item. The dimension represents the components or materials used in manufacturing work orders.

This dimension supports the use of Extensibility Dimension in the M3 Analytics model extension space. See the information about model extension in Infor M3 Analytics for M3 CloudSuites Administration Guide.

The attributes listed in the table are part of the custom subject area. M3 Analytics contains more attributes in the default subject area. For a complete list, see the mapping document in KB 2015457.

Hierarchy Custom subject area Attributes
Material M3A Production

Attribute X, Attribute Y, Attribute Z

Basic Unit of Measure

Business Area, Business Area ID, Business Area Name, Business Area Description

Environment Group, Environment Group ID, Environment Group Name, Environment Group Description

Group Technology Class, Group Technology Class ID, Group Technology Class Name, Group Technology Class Description


Material, Material Number, Material Name, Material Description

Material Category, Material Category ID

Material Group, Material Group ID, Material Group Name, Material Group Description

Material Type, Material Type ID, Material Type Name, Material Type Description

Procurement Group, Procurement Group ID, Procurement Group Name, Procurement Group Description

Product Group, Product Group ID, Product Group Name, Product Group Description

Quality Group

Responsible, Responsible ID, Responsible Name