Sales Budget

The Sales Budget model is designed to compare and analyze the company's sales actuals versus sales budget values. The sales budget values that are used in the data model are loaded through a Data Lake extraction. The data can be either uploaded into the Data Lake by using the Excel template or populated through M3 Demand Planner.

The measures include the revenue and costs for both sales actuals and sales budget values. You can perform analysis using several dimensions such as customer, item, business area, sales department, line type, contact method, and budget version.

Sales Budget Date is used to analyze the facts in this model.

Note: Input for Sales Budget uses specific date, for example 20210110, but the solution uses months or custom time periods to analyze the budget data.

Source information

The main source of this model is the Sales Budget Source dimension, which is processed and packaged in the Sales Budget space. Data is populated either by direct upload into the space or by Data Lake extraction.

The Sales Budget dimension is specific to the Sales Budget model. This dimension is used to analyze the untargeted (0-N3) and unknown (0-N@) dimension values from the data source.