Stock Statistics

The Stock Statistics model analyzes stock transactions summarized for each period per warehouse. This model is enriched with weight and volume measures derived from the items and costing information that are derived from the facilities connected to the warehouses. This model also includes on hand balance calculations that you can use to analyze your stock profile.

This model provides insights into these topics:
  • Trends in turnover, stock level, and scrapped stock
  • Actual and planned comparisons
  • Sold and forecasted comparisons
  • Opening and closing balance comparisons

The solution allows analysis across dimensions such as warehouse, item, and manufacturing period.

Statistics Period Date is used to analyze the facts in this model.

Source information

The main source of this model is the M3 BE table MITSTA. This model shows the number of items purchased, manufactured, sold, used, and scrapped within a specific period per warehouse. MITSTA is automatically updated when there are item transactions. These transactions can relate to, but are not limited to, sales orders, purchase orders, manufacturing orders, and distribution orders. The Stock Statistics table (MITSTA) depends on the Stock Transaction type setup in CRS205.

The logic for the on-hand balance calculations depends on the setup that is defined in the Industry Process Catalog.