Technician Performance

The Technician Performance model analyzes the technician performance to maximize billable time. Travel and labor hours are used to analyze billable time.

This model provides insights into these topics:
  • Billable time and Billable % trends
  • Top/Bottom performing technician
  • First Time Fix Rate
These dates are used to analyze the facts in this model:
  • Calendar Date
  • Planned Start Date
  • Planned Finish Date
  • Actual Start Date
  • Actual Finish Date
  • Requested Start Date
  • Requested Finish Date
  • Transaction Date
  • Op Actual Start Date
  • Op Actual Finish Date

Source information

The main source of this model is the transactional work order operation table (MMOPTR) which is specified using the M3 programs MOS100 related option 16 or MOS070. Actual hours that are recorded are classified into either travel or labor hours. Travel hours are mapped to labor setup hours (UMAS), while labor hours are entered in labor run hours (UMAT). Work hours are reported either as billable or non-billable against work orders. The model assumes that billable hours are work orders that originate from maintenance customer orders (RORC = 7), otherwise, the hours are tagged as non-billable.

This model also references these tables:
  • The service error report table (MMOSER) for the first time fix rate of a technician. All operations of a work order is considered a first time fix if First Time Fix (AFTF) is one (1) on the main service report (MAIN = 1).
  • The work order operation (MMOOPE) for actual versus planned time at work order operation level. This is stored in the WO Operation grain.
  • The capacity per employee (MCPAPD) for the allocated technician work hours per day, stored in the Technician Capacity grain. Measures used in this grain can only be analyzed by Division, Facility, Technician, and Technician Capacity.