Delivery Performance

The Delivery Performance model analyzes the company's ability to provide correct and on time deliveries to its customers. Efficient processing of orders all the way through to the point of delivery can set a company apart from its competitors. By measuring delivery performance, a company can gain actionable insights to become a preferred supplier of goods and services. The model captures the quantity and date intervals among requested, confirmed, and actual delivery. You can analyze the data using various dimensions such as customers, products, and warehouse.

This model provides insights into these topics:
  • Delivery performance trends
  • Top/Bottom performing business units
  • Delivery performance issues for groups of customers or products

Order Date, Planning Date, and Confirmed Delivery Date are used to analyze the facts in this model. See Infor M3 Analytics for M3 CloudSuites Administration Guide for a list of available dates for this model.

Source information

The model for Delivery Performance captures transactional data from delivered customer orders. The main source is the customer order delivery line table (ODLINE), which is combined with order line information from OOLINE. The original confirmed delivery date for the order is also retrieved from the Order sales statistic/detail file (OSASTD). This represents the confirmed delivery date of the order at the time the Order Confirmation document (DONR = 231) was printed as recorded in the Customer order documents file (OODOCU).