High Risk Payers dashboard

Being able to monitor and analyze payers that are performing poorly helps you to manage your company's credit risk. The High Risk Payers dashboard is designed to provide an in-dept analysis of payers' current status and their historic performance.

The reporting requires the usage of M3 Credit Monitoring. The Calculate DSO function is used to identify high risk payers. These high risk payers are identified by DSO codes 2 and 5.

This dashboard can answer these business questions:
  • Is the number of high risk payers increasing?
  • How are high risk payers performing compared to other payers?
  • Which payers should be followed up?

This is a role-specific dashboard for the financial controller role, as preconfigured in the M3 Industry Process Catalog.

Reports and KPIs

The dashboard contains these reports:
  • High Risk Payers Analysis
  • High Risk Payers by Period
  • High Risk Payers Details - Drillback

The report title for High Risk Payers Details - Drillback is disabled in the dashboard.

The dashboard also has these KPIs:
  • High Risk Payers
  • High Risk Payers Avg DSO Value
  • Non-High Risk Payers Avg DSO Value

These KPIs use the Accounting Period Date as the basis for analysis and the Sum aggregation.

When you select a period in the Fiscal Period filter, the period is shown on the dashboard. The KPIs show the corresponding metrics for that period.

The High Risk Payers KPI uses DSO codes 2 and 5 which indicate high risk payers. This KPI also has an indicator. A red arrow pointing upward indicates an increase based on a comparison from previous Fiscal Period value and a green arrow pointing downward indicates otherwise. If there is no change, a square indicator is displayed.


These standard filters are available:
  • Division (Config. 3)
  • Fiscal Period (Config. 1)
  • Customer (Config. 1)
  • Payer
  • Last N Periods (Config. 1)

Division, Fiscal Period, and Last N Periods are required filters. The Last N Period filter controls the number of periods displayed in the High Risk Payers by Period report.

Currency information is also displayed on the dashboard.

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