Customer Profitability Analysis report

The measures used in Customer Profitability Analysis report are sourced from the Sales Analysis fact. These measures are analyzed by Invoice Date and use the Sum aggregation.

Description: This report shows the customers and the current period and year-to-date metrics of the measures. Using the column selectors, you can analyze the data based on Business Chain or Salesperson. Arrow indicators are available in the Gross Margin 1 Pct and YTD Gross Margin 1 Pct metrics. This is to allow comparison of Gross Margin from previous month and previous year-to-date. If there is no increase or decrease in Gross Margin 1 Pct, a square indicator is displayed.

Measure: Invcd Net Amt – Company, Total Disc Amt – Company, Gross Profit 1 – Company, Gross Margin 1 Pct – Company, YTD Invcd Net Amt – Company, YTD Total Disc Amt – Company, YTD Gross Profit 1 – Company, YTD Gross Margin 1 Pct – Company

Chart type: Table

Column selector: Business Chain Level 1, Salesperson