Operation Quantity Analysis dashboard

The Operation Quantity Analysis dashboard focuses on the finished quantities of an operation. You can get an insight of how efficient an operation is in manufacturing products, or if manufacturers are producing enough to supply the planned quantities. It also provides analysis of the scrapped quantities to help determine if you are scrapping more than the planned quantity. The Throughput and Utilization Pct reports can also be used to analyze different factors behind the variances that are available per Capacity Type (Machine or Labor).

This dashboard can answer these business questions:

  • Are we manufacturing/producing enough to supply the planned orders?
  • What is the trend of scrap analysis?
  • What is the trend of utilization?
  • What is the trend of throughput per hour?
  • What are the top/bottom product groups by actual vs planned quantity variance?

Reports and KPIs in this dashboard are filtered by MO Operation Status 90. Only operations that are flagged for completion and closed are displayed.

Reports and KPIs

The dashboard contains these reports:

  • Actual vs Planned Operation Qty by Period
  • Actual vs Planned Scrapped Qty by Period
  • Labor Utilization Pct by Period
  • Machine Utilization Pct by Period
  • Shortage Ranked by Variance Pct
  • Labor Throughput per Hour by Period
  • Machine Throughput per Hour by Period
  • Surplus Ranked by Variance Pct
The dashboard also contains these KPIs:
  • Actual vs Plnd Op Qty Var Pct
  • Utilization Pct – Labor
  • Utilization Pct – Machine
  • Labor Throughput per Hour
  • Mach Throughput per Hour
  • Actual vs Plnd Scrapped Qty Var Pct

The Utilization Pct – Machine and Utilization Pct – Labor KPIs use the Entry Date and Transaction Date and the rest of the KPIs use the Actual Finish Date as the basis for analysis. All KPIs use the Sum aggregation.


These standard filters are available:
  • Facility
  • Warehouse (Config. 1)
  • Work Center
  • Capacity Type (Config. 2)
  • Time (Config. 2)
  • Manufacturing Order Type
  • MO Planner
  • Item (Config. 1)
  • Show N Records

Time and Capacity Type are required filters.

Capacity Type and Show N Records are embedded filters. Capacity Type enables switch of throughput analysis and utilization percent reports and KPIs from machine to labor. Show N Records controls the number of elements shown in the ranking reports.