Stock Transactions

The Stock Transactions model provides insight to the movement of stock because of different transaction types in stock zones and locations per warehouse during different times of the day. In addition to the quantities, the size of the transactions are given context by considering the cost and price and by factoring in the weight and volume of items.

The solution allows analysis across dimensions such as warehouse, item, lot, stock location, the time of day and calendar.

Transaction Date is used to analyze the facts in this model.

Source information

The main source of this model is the M3 BE table MITTRA. The model contains information of the item inventory on a daily level. It displays information about physical stock transactions that took place on a specific date, on which lot number, location, and the transaction type. MITTRA is automatically updated when there are item transactions. These transactions can relate to, but are not limited to, sales orders, purchase orders, manufacturing orders, and distribution orders.