Warranty Claims

The Warranty Claims model is designed to help equipment organizations manage the warranty claims process. You can use this model to gain insights into the process to improve cash flow and maximize the warranty claim back from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or supplier.

The Warranty Claims model analyzes the total billed expense as a claim amount, which is raised to the supplier to repair an equipment, and the agreed settlement amount that is covered by the supplier.

This model also provides insights in terms of variances between the claim amount and settlement amount, and the turnaround time in processing the warranty claims. It can also analyze the claim amount in different claims specification types such as labor, travel, miscellaneous, subcontract, and vehicle miscellaneous.

This model provides insights into these topics:

  • Claim and settlement trends and amounts
  • Turnaround time to measure process efficiency
  • Claim processing status

Claim Date is used to analyze facts in this model. See Infor M3 Analytics for M3 CloudSuites Administration Guide for a list of available dates for this model.

Source information

The main source of this model is the M3 BE table for claim specifications (ACLSPC). The model also references information fields such as equipment keys and dates from the claim header (ACLHED). Claim records are displayed and managed within the 'Warranty Claim. Open' (MOS750) M3 program. The table is filtered by transactions that are not tagged as deleted (STAT < 99). The amounts retrieved from the table are in transaction currency. The transaction amounts are converted into division and company amounts based from the agreement currency (AACU) retrieved from the payer agreement (ACUAGH) table that is referenced within the ACLHED.

The Claim and Claim Specification dimensions are specific to the Warranty Claims model. These dimensions contain attributes from the ACLHED and ACLSPC, among other reference order information that are used as drill paths to other models.