Customer Profitability Analysis dashboard

The Customer Profitability Analysis dashboard enables analysis of customer’s profitability for a certain year/month and year-to-date. An arrow indicator is available in the KPI for comparison against previous year of these metrics: Invcd Net Amt, Total Disc Amt, Gross Profit 1, and Gross Margin 1 Pct.

Report and KPIs

The dashboard contains the Customer Profitability Analysis report and these KPIs:

  • YTD Gross Margin 1 Pct
  • YTD Invcd Net Amt
  • YTD Total Disc Amt
  • YTD Gross Profit 1
  • LYTD Gross Margin 1 Pct
  • LYTD Invcd Net Amt
  • LYTD Total Disc Amt
  • LYTD Gross Profit 1

These KPIs use the Invoice Date as date basis for analysis and the Sum aggregation. Amounts are expressed in the company currency.

Year/Month and currency information are displayed on the banner.


These standard filters are available:
  • Facility
  • Warehouse (Config. 1)
  • Year/Month
  • Sales Organization
  • Customer (Config. 1)
  • Customer Geography
  • Payer
  • Sales Order Type
  • Promotion
  • Item (Config. 1)

Year/Month filter is a required filter that is defaulted to current year/month. This filter shows up to current year/month +6.