Sales Teams Performance dashboard

The Sales Teams Performance dashboard contains data on a sales team's accounts, opportunities, and activities. Using this dashboard, the sales manager can analyze how the sales team is performing and compare its performance to other sales teams.

This dashboard can answer these questions:

  • How is the sales team's performance?
  • How is the team's performance versus other teams?
  • What are the benchmark values for opportunities and activities between teams?
  • What are the available opportunities and the activities performed over a period of time?
  • How many opportunities were won over a period of time?

Reports and KPIs

The dashboard contains these reports:
  • Active Accounts By Status
  • Opportunities Won by Period
  • Opportunities vs Activities
  • Open Pipeline By Sales Team
  • Win Rate
  • Avg Activity and Duration Analysis

The reports Active Accounts By Status and Opportunities vs Activities are displayed in the dashboard as Accounts by Current Status and Opportunity Activity Analysis.

This dashboard also contains these KPIs:
  • No. of Created Accounts
  • No. of Inactivated Accounts
  • Created Opportunities
  • Win Rate
  • Activities
  • Visits

The KPIs No. of Created Accounts and No. of Inactivated Accounts use Create Date as date basis for analysis and the Count aggregation.

KPIs Won/Lost Opportunities and Win Rate use End Date as date basis for analysis and the Sum aggregation.

KPIs Open Opportunities and Created Opportunities use Start Date as date basis for analysis and the Sum aggregation.

KPIs Activities and Visits use Start Date as date basis for analysis and the Sum aggregation.

Visits KPI displays the total number of visits performed over time. Records with Activity Type Code starting with the letter V are tagged as visits. For example, V001, V-1.
Note: The Visits KPI will only display 0 if your existing activity type code for visits are structured differently. We recommend that you contact your M3 CLM administrator to update your Activity Type Code for visits to capture the appropriate data for this KPI.


Time (Config. 5) is a required filter and the only filter available in this dashboard.