A facility is a superior organizational level to department but lower than division.

The Facility dimension contains all facilities. The main source is CFACIL in M3. Additional organizational information such as Company and Division is also available in this dimension. These are retrieved from CMNDIV.

This dimension supports the use of Extensibility Dimension in the M3 Analytics model extension space. See the information about model extension in Infor M3 Analytics for M3 CloudSuites Administration Guide.

The attributes listed in the table are part of the custom subject area. M3 Analytics contains more attributes in the default subject area. For a complete list, see the mapping document in KB 2015457.

Hierarchy Custom subject area Attributes

M3A Equipment

M3A Finance

M3A Procurement

M3A Production

M3A Rental

M3A Sales

M3A Warehouse

Company, Company Number, Company Currency

Country, Country Code, Country Name, Country Description

Division, Division Code, Division Name, Division Description

Facility, Facility ID, Facility Name

Global Facility, Global Facility ID, Global Facility Name

Local Currency

Mapped to M3

Drill map

This table shows the drill map for Facility:

Name Drill From Column Drill To Column
M3A Facility Company Division
Division Facility