The Account model is designed to analyze the number of accounts handled by the company. You can also analyze the accounts using the different measures available in the Account Business Area level.

Create Date is used to analyze the facts in this model. See Infor M3 Analytics for M3 CloudSuites Administration Guide for a list of available dates for this model.

Source information

The main source of this model is the Account table in M3 CLM (M3_MOBCORE_ACCOUNT) and it is joined to Account Business Area (M3_MOBCORE_ACCOUNT_BUSINESS_AREA) which is the mapping table of all the accounts and the different business areas. An account can belong to multiple business areas. The uniqueness of the Account fact is determined by the combination of AccountID and AccountBusinessAreaID. Using the measures in this model, you can analyze the Accounts by Sales Team based on the Account Owner. The Account Owner is referenced through the CRM User.