Stock Balance

The Stock Balance model provides analysis on an item connected to several warehouses. The analysis covers the quantity of items that are allocated, for allocation, on-hand balance approved, on-hand balance for inspection, and rejected on-hand balance with its corresponding gross weight, net weight, and volume.

The model also provide information with regards to acquisition, material planning, method safety time, planning horizon, supply lead time, and time fences. Safety stock method is set for the item or warehouse combination.

Last Receipt Date and Last Issue Date are used to analyze the facts in this model.

Source information

The primary source for this model is the main file of Item – Warehouse (MITBAL) from M3 BE. The main file is automatically updated when transactions are made from the maintaining program, MMS002 (Item.Connect Warehouse).

This model also references these tables:
  • Main file of Item – Facility (MITFAC) from M3 BE

    The model references to this main file to retrieve the Country of Origin, Customs Statistical Number, User-Defined Accounting Control Object, and Inventory Accounting Method.

  • Item Dimension (MITMAS)

    The model references to this dimension to retrieve the multiplier factors (Gross Weight, Net Weight, and Volume) used to calculate the measures.

Note: MITMAS, MITBAL, and MITFAC are updated when transactions are made on MMS001 (Item. Open), MMS002 (Item. Warehouse), and MMS003 (Item. Facility) respectively.