White Space

White Space model is designed to analyze customer purchasing patterns to determine related products and create sales opportunities. It is similar to Market Based Analysis, a technique used by retailers to increase sales by understanding customer purchasing patterns. The White Space model utilizes Infor Coleman AI to analyze data sets, such as purchase history, items purchased, quantity, and amount, to reveal product groups and products that are likely to be purchased together.

Source information

The White Space model data is sourced from Coleman AI for the suggested product group and Sales Orders model (OOLINE) for the order date (ORDT). It has three unique keys: Customer Group (CUCL), Statistics 1 (FRE1), and Product Group (ITCL).

An aggregated fact table has been created to group the Sales Order records per Customer, Item, Order Date and get the sum of their amount and quantity. The White Space dimension has been created to store the suggested product groups from Coleman AI (F1A130, F1A230, and F1A330). These suggested product groups are arranged in the report by likelihood that customers will buy them. The White Space dimension is linked to the aggregated Sales Orders model using Customer Group (CUCL), Statistics 1 (FRE1), and Product Group (ITCL).