Sales Representative Overview dashboard

Using the Sales Representative dashboard, you can view the opportunity and activity metrics assigned to each sales representative. Reports in this dashboard measure the sales representative's performance over time. Metrics in this dashboard can help the sales representative monitor, plan, and manage actions to accomplish the assigned activities.

This dashboard can answer these questions:
  • How is the performance of the team members?
  • What are the overdue activities or opportunities?
  • What are the opportunities and activities performed over a period of time?
  • How many visits were planned and performed?

Reports and KPIs

The dashboard contains these reports:
  • Sales Representative Sales Funnel
  • Sales Representative Overdue Activities
  • Sales Representative Overdue Opportunities
  • Activity Details
  • Opportunity Details

The reports Sales Representative Sales Funnel, Sales Representative Overdue Activities, Sales Representative Overdue Opportunities are displayed in the dashboard as Sales Funnel, Overdue Activities, and Overdue Opportunities.

This dashboard also contains this KPIs:
  • Open Opportunities [No./Value]
  • Won Opportunities [No./Value]
  • Lost Opportunities [No./Value]
  • Performed Visits
  • Planned Visits

Values displayed in KPIs Open Opportunities [No./Value], Won Opportunities [No./Value], and Lost Opportunities [No./Value] show the total number of open, won, and lost opportunities and its corresponding total price.

These KPIs use the Sum aggregation.

KPIs Open Opportunities [No./Value], Won Opportunities [No./Value], and Lost Opportunities[No./Value] use End Date as date basis for analysis.

KPIs Performed Visits and Planned Visits use Start Date as date basis for analysis.


These required filters are available:
  • Sales Representative
  • Time (Config. 5)

The selected value in the Sales Representative filter is also displayed on the banner.