Service is the installation, maintenance, or repairs provided or guaranteed by a dealer or manufacturer. A service is composed of an item, a structure type, and a service ID.

The Service dimension is retrieved from the MPDSCF table and contains all service definitions specified in MOS300. The corresponding code descriptions for Structure Type, Service Group, and Service Type are retrieved from CSYTAB. The descriptions for Service Class and Service Category are hard-coded as they are in M3.

This dimension supports the use of Extensibility Dimension in the M3 Analytics model extension space. See the information about model extension in Infor M3 Analytics for M3 CloudSuites Administration Guide.

The attributes listed in the table are part of the custom subject area. M3 Analytics contains more attributes in the default subject area. For a complete list, see the mapping document in KB 2015457.

Hierarchy Custom subject area Attributes
Service M3A Equipment

Service, Service ID, Service Description

Service Category, Service Category ID

Service Class, Service Class ID

Service Group, Service Group ID, Service Group Name, Service Group Description

Service Type, Service Type ID, Service Type Name, Service Type Description

Status, Status ID

Structure Type, Structure Type ID, Structure Type Name, Structure Type Description

Warranty Certified

Drill map

This table shows the drill map for Service:

Name Drill From Column Drill To Column
M3A Service Service Class Service Type
Service Type Service