Infor M3 Analytics overview

Infor M3 Analytics for M3 Cloud and relevant CloudSuites is a standard content product that provides a unique value proposition for M3 CloudSuite customers by embedding cloud-based, industry-specific analytics content at the core of the CloudSuite. The solution offers reporting and decision support capabilities specifically tailored to the industry and built closely with Infor Process Catalog. Using this solution, you can access business-critical insight across the CloudSuite.

M3 Analytics is designed as a starter pack to facilitate the implementation of a BI strategy within an M3 CloudSuite. To ensure that all aspects of the solution will work to your advantage, you must consider the configuration of M3 processes and data, and apply changes depending on how M3 is configured.

The key performance indicators (KPIs) provide key strategic and tactical information to senior executives and business managers to help them steer their business.

M3 Analytics for Chemicals provides reporting capabilities for these domains:

  • Sales (Sales Orders, Sales Analysis, Sales Budget, White Space, and Delivery Performance)
  • Finance (AR Balances, AR Invoices, Finance Key Ratio, General Ledger, AP Operational Metrics, and Stock Valuation)
  • Procurement (Open Purchase Orders and Procurement Analysis)
  • Production (Work Center Utilization, Operation Analysis, Overall Equipment Effectiveness, and Order Costing)
  • Rental (Rental Utilization and Rental Metrics)
  • Equipment (Technician Performance, Labor Resource Analysis, and Warranty Claims)
  • Warehouse (Stock Statistics, Stock Balance, and Stock Transactions)
  • Opportunity Management (Account, Activity, Campaign, and Opportunity)