PO Addtl Info

The PO Addtl Info dimension is a derived dimension that contains details on the purchase order at line level. This is retrieved from the MPLINE table in M3 and has additional derived statuses and other pertinent order line information. Data buckets have also been added in the hierarchy. The date and price accuracy compares requested and confirmed values. Qty accuracy, on the other hand, determines a supplier's delivery by comparing the undelivered and ordered quantities of open orders (Status < 75).

You can modify the ranges defined in these data buckets in the Procurement fact space to cater to different business and reporting needs. See the information about data buckets in the Birst Online Help.

See the information about source and data models in Infor M3 Analytics for M3 CloudSuites Administration Guide for guidelines in modifying Infor-delivered content. Changes to data buckets are overwritten and should be reapplied when the solution is updated.

By default, these ranges are defined in the solution:

Date Accuracy - using the measure No. of Days – Req and Conf

  • Early - the confirmed delivery date is earlier than requested
  • On Time - the confirmed delivery date is the same as requested
  • Late - the confirmed delivery date is later than requested

Price Accuracy - using the measure Price Variance

  • Negative Variance - the confirmed purchase price is lower than requested
  • No Price Variance - the confirmed purchase price is the same as requested
  • Positive Variance - the confirmed purchase price is greater than requested

Qty Accuracy - using the measure Qty Variance

  • Insufficient Qty - the delivered quantity is less than the ordered quantity
  • Correct Qty - the delivered quantity is the same as the ordered quantity
  • Overshipped Qty - the delivered quantity is more than the ordered quantity

The attributes listed in the table are part of the custom subject area. M3 Analytics contains more attributes in the default subject area. For a complete list, see the mapping document in KB 2015457.

Hierarchy Custom subject area Attributes
PO Addtl Info M3A Procurement


Cost Center ID

Country of Origin Code, Country of Origin Name, Country of Origin Description, Country of Origin

Date Accuracy – Req vs Conf

Delivery Type – PO

Late Arriving – PO

Price Accuracy

Qty Accuracy

Receipt Date – PO

Received Quantity – PO

Reference Order Category – PO, Reference Order Category ID – PO

Reference Order Line – PO, Reference Order Line Suffix – PO

Reference Order Number – PO