Procurement Analysis Ad Hoc dashboard

The Procurement Analysis Ad Hoc dashboard facilitates ad hoc analysis of the invoiced purchases (Net Invoiced Value, Quantities, and No. of Lines) per product, supplier, and buyer with regards to delivery accuracy. Metrics and attributes are available in Ad Hoc filters, providing a high-degree of flexibility of what to analyze.


The dashboard contains these reports:

  • Metric History
  • Metric Ranking - Top
  • Metric Ranking - Bottom
  • Delivery Accuracy
  • Procurement Analysis Table
  • Cross Table

The reports Metric History, Metric Ranking - Top, Metric Ranking - Bottom, and Cross Table are generic guided ad hoc reports that are shared in other domains. See Generic Guided Ad Hoc.

Guided Ad Hoc for Procurement Analysis, the dashboard row, analyzed by date, and currency type (transaction, division, company) depend on the filters that are set within the dashboard.


These standard filters are available:
  • Facility
  • Warehouse (Config. 1)
  • Supplier
  • Buyer
  • Purchase Agreement
  • Item (Config. 1)
  • Currency
  • By Date – PA
  • Ranking (Config. 2)
  • Show N Values

Currency Type, Year, Ranking, and Show N Values are required filters.

Ranking filter is applied to the dashboard to switch Metric Ranking reports to Top and Bottom. Currency Type filter is used to switch between company, division, and transaction currency.

These filters are embedded:

  • Year
  • Metric Ad Hoc – PA

    No. of Lines, Ordered Value – Company, Ordered Value – Division, Ordered Value – Transaction, Confirmed Value – Company, Received Value – Company, Received Value – Division, Received Value – Transaction, Approved Value – Company, Approved Value – Division, Approved Value – Transaction, Rejected Value – Company, Rejected Value – Division, Rejected Value – Transaction, Net Invoiced Value – Company, Net Invoiced Value – Division, Net Invoiced Value – Transaction, Ordered Qty, Invcd Received Qty, Invcd Rejected Qty, Invcd Inspected Qty, Invcd Qty, No. of Returns

  • Column Ad Hoc – PA

    Month, Country, Delivery Method

  • Row Ad Hoc – PA

    Supplier, Supplier Group, Supplier Type, Delivery Method, Buyer, Item, Item Group

  • Currency Type

    Company, Division, Transaction

  • Date Accuracy – Act vs Req

Show N Values filter is applied in Metric Ranking - Top and Metric - Bottom reports.