Accounts Payable Operational Metrics dashboard

The Accounts Payable Operational Metrics dashboard is designed to show only fully paid invoices which can help in monitoring the performance of the company's accounts payable process. The dashboard reports processing times using different payment methods and tracks the Efficiency Index as a measure of operational efficiency. It shows which payment methods are processed inefficiently. It shows the trend of the process efficiency and how it is affected by the average number of invoices per employee or the increase/decrease of the average invoice amount over time.

The analysis performed on this dashboard is based on Int Recon Date.

Reports and KPI

The dashboard contains these reports:

  • Efficiency Index Trend Analysis
  • Processing Time by Period
  • Top Efficiency Index
  • Bottom Efficiency Index
  • Processing Time by Category
  • Number of Invoices per FAM Entry - AP

The dashboard also has the Efficiency Index KPI with an indicator. The indicator is red when Efficiency Index is larger than 0. When the index has a negative value, the indicator is green. This KPI uses Int Recon Date as the basis for analysis and the Sum aggregation.

Currency information is also displayed on the dashboard.


These standard filters are available:

  • Division (Config. 3)
  • Time (Config. 2)
  • Payee
  • Supplier
  • Supplier Invoice
  • Account (Config. 2)
  • FAM Entry
  • AP User
  • AP Authorizer
  • Target – Invc and Recon
  • Ranking (Config. 2)
  • Show N Records

Division and Time are required filters. The Time filter shows up to current year + 1. Ranking is a required filter that enables view of Top/Bottom reports. The number of elements displayed is based on the Show N Records filter.