Loading data from new sources after updates

Loading of data for M3 Analytics is performed incrementally. Therefore, loading of additional data should be timed accordingly. These options are available to load additional data:

  • Run the initial load (EVS002MI) of the new M3 tables between two extraction windows
  • Run the initial load of the new table and perform a reload of the entire solution using the custom extract start date method described in KB 2153208 or by delete all data and rerun the initial load in Birst

Because of the incremental loading behavior, only the data in the extraction time window is loaded. If the new table's timestamps are outside of the extraction time window, for example, when the initial load has been triggered before the update has been applied, the data will not be included.

To check if new sources were added and if reloading of data must be performed, see KB 2243115 and click the release details KB created for the version where the update is implemented.