Using the Model Extensions space

This section describes how customers can add custom attributes to Infor-delivered dimensions without breaking the data warehouse model. We recommend that you use the M3 customer-defined fields to add customer-unique information to the M3 database. You can use the model extensions space to extend dimensions from external data sources, such as Excel, depending on your Birst license.

These restrictions are applicable:
  • You can only add attributes to specific Infor dimensions, which are mentioned in Model extension details. Role playing dimensions inherit the custom attribute values from their source dimension. For example, Payer has the custom attributes values of Customer.
  • Attributes are added only to existing dimension records. The extensibility functionality cannot be used to insert new dimension records.
  • There is a defined set of custom attributes that you can add: You can add 10 Varchar(300), 5 numbers and 5 DateTime attributes to the dimensions.
  • The added attributes are available in the Default Subject Area under the corresponding attribute folder for each extended dimension.
  • Measures, dimensions, and fact tables cannot be added. These changes break the data model and should be implemented in a separate customer space.